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Material Request Form
We are located at 2000 Crawford St. Suite 835 Houston, Tx 77002. Do you have transortation to pick up materials ?
What materials are a priority for you & your family? (Check all that apply) Please specify sizes and preferences in box below.

Please Read Carefully

Please understand that all information submitted is confidential. 

By completing this form and checking the box below, you agree and understand that all donations/goods received are given under charitable intentions. The Donor shall in no event be liable for any claim whatsoever by the recipient, or any third party, for any issue involving the goods or the condition of the goods received. You agree and understand that donations are given based on supply and although we do our best to provide the material requested, there is no guarantee rendered for the request submitted. You will be notified via email in regard to the status of your submission, should the Donor receive no response from the recipient to complete this request, the recipient's submission can be subject to rejection at the Donor's discretion. 

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon to finalize your request!

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