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About MJ

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We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the narrative surrounding prenatal & postpartum experiences in limited-resource communities.  Maternity Journey was founded in April 2019 from the passion of our founders, Kelli Washington & Tychia Beaty. From their experiences supporting families in all walks of birth and postpartum that face birth & parenting disparities, the mission was set to provide FREE maternity support & resources to limited-resource communities in Houston to help bridge the gap between access and positive maternity experiences that many black & brown families have.


With an overwhelming amount of support from the community, Maternity Journey has developed programs to ensure that young, first-time, single & at-risk mothers are granted adequate support throughout their maternity journey to truly begin to shift the narrative. We believe birth is a unique, sacred, & intuitive journey that thrives under personalized care, support & knowledge, and with this combination of love, positive birth stories and parenting experiences truly occur. 


Our Kenzie Keeper program (KKP) was created to support as many first-time, single, & at-risk mothers with doula support throughout their Maternity Journey. Our Get&Give program was implemented to ensure the needs of those families are met so they are able to provide their children with the materials they need to thrive. Our mommy meet-ups & maternity classes have been implemented to offer holistic support surrounding the emotional & educational need for families in limited-resource communities! With the support of our birth collective, The Tribe, our goal for each program is to ensure that the families we support truly feel the extension of love & community in a safe environment and in a simple way! 

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