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Help the tribe bring services to every Maternity Journey! Support us below by donating items for families in need or donating tax-deductible gifts to our Kenzie Keeper Program!

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Maternity Resources

We want you to know your OPTIONS! We have compiled a list of birth & postpartum resources from birth centers to yoni services for you to keep handy through your journey! Click the pic to access!


12 Things for Baby

We realize parents constantly worry about what to get BABY or stress with having too much for baby! We believe along with your love, kisses & hugs babies typically only need these 12 things in their first few weeks of life & recommend parents invest or thrift items they may need for baby as they grow! Click the pic for the list!

Baby and Teddy

7 Self Care habits

We are advocates for MOMMY MOMENTS and we believe every mom deserves them! Here are 7 self-care habits that you can pick up to help make the most of yours! A little goes a long way, momma! After all, taking care of yourself is a part of taking care of the kids! Click the pic to tap in!

Image by Sarah Gualtieri

PostPartum Check✔️

Postpartum PREPARATION is necessary for the entire family! Planning your meals, mommy moments, and securing your tribe is essential to a stress-free fourth trimester! Click the pic to access your free download of our lastest 4th Trimester Checklist!

Baby's Grasp
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